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Chiropractic news

Spreading The Word About Chiropractic

It took quite a while before Chiropractic treatment was widely accepted within mainstream health related treatment, but we’re glad that more and more people are learning about chiropractic care and the types of problems it can help with.

Millville students learn about chiropractic care from guest speaker

On June 1, Chiropractic Assistant Lori Kinsey visited Millville Senior High School in Victor Nappen’s Elements of Health Care class as a guest speaker.

She brought with her x-rays, a model of the human vertebrae, and some interesting stretching techniques, but also over 25 years of field experience.

Kinsey works at Dr. Gary Mruz’s office in Marmora and came to Nappen’s class to discuss her lifelong career in health care.

It’s nice to see the level of interest people have today about this fascinating field of therapy and it’s great to see people like Lori Kinsey taking the time to visit high schools to help educate the masses about how a natural therapy can help alleviate so many unnecessary aches and pains.

While Lori’s been busy in Millville, others have also been helping to spread the word…

Beacon of Life Chiropractic uses cutting edge techniques to help patients of all ages

Limerick >> Talking to the owners of Beacon of Life Chiropractic, it is clear that they have a strong view of families — their own and the families for which they care.

The husband-and-wife team of Dr. Dan and Dr. Megan McClimon say their families have helped get them to the point they are now — operating a new chiropractic practice.

“None of it would be possible without our parents who sacrificed everything to get us where we are,” Megan McClimon said.

Another good indication that this particular form of therapy is doing well is when new chiropractors open up shop. If you also do a simple Google search in your local area, you’ll probably notice more little red map markers than a year ago!

“It’s great to see more and more people are beginning to appreciate just how effective this form of treatment really is” says James a chiropractor in Bristol at The House Clinics . Thanks to those who are spending endless hours, taking the time to prepare and educate others about simple steps they can take to end debilitating pain.

I think many people are going to find it such a relief once they realise they can actually do something to cure their neck or back pain, or treat any injuries they’ve sustained.

If you’ve ever been to a chiropractor for a neck adjustment, you’ll know what it feels like the first time around! If you haven’t this will give you a good idea of what to expect. It’s a great way to help the neck area.